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L'Utopie des images de la Révolution russe

L’Utopie des images de la Révolution russe

Emmanuel Hamon

France | 2017 | 1 h 28 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
For two decades after the Russian Revolution, a group of young directors, actors, technicians, and poets shocked the world of cinema. Essentially composed of images taken from soviet cinema from 1917 to 1934, this film takes us back to a unique time where the artists unveil their fight for a new society, where the freedom to create is paramount. However, this desire, this utopia, quickly became trapped by an authoritarian regime which would silence the voice of cinema, much like the rest of society. This polished work transforms characters of fiction into protagonists in a narrative that binds together imagination, reality, and history.
Also presented:
36th International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2018)
Director Emmanuel Hamon
Script Thomas Cheysson


Emmanuel Hamon

Emmanuel Hamon

After having been assistant director to Patrice Chéreau on La reine Margot, to Maurice Pialat with Le Garçu and to Robert Altman for Prêt-à-porter, Emmanuel Hamon turns to directing, and devotes himself more particularly to documentary. Carried by political and historical subjects, his films are broadcast on Arte and France televisions and are regularly awarded in festivals. Among a dozen documentaries, he has just finished The Utopia of Images of the Russian Revolution and is notably author-director of a 2‑part film of Ireland(s), the Dawn of a Country (2016), From Sarajevo to Sarajevo (2014), of Maurice Papon, Itinerary of a Man of Order (2010), and of A French Purge (2009). Emmanuel Hamon is also known for his documentary portraits of writers such as Jean-Philippe Toussaint and Emmanuel Carrère or on the great Palestinian intellectual Edward Said with Selves and Others, a Portrait of Edward Said (2003), which was awarded at many festivals (FIPA, Sunny doc of Marseille, Vancouver, Ottawa, MIZNA, San Francisco, Copenhagen, MEdfilm, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Date Palm Film Festival). He also directed two short films Coup de Lune and Nord Sud, both selected in festivals and broadcast on television.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Exfiltrés (2019) ; The Utopia of Images of the Russian Revolution (2017) ; Ireland(s), the dawn of a country (2016) ; Les Debré (2014) ; From Sarajevo to Sarajevo (2014) ; Maurice Papon, itinerary of a man of order(2010) ; Democracy at Large (2006) ; Selves and Others, A Portrait of Edward Saïd (2003) ; Histoire d’écrivains : Jean Philippe Toussaint (2001) ; Histoire d’écrivains : Emmanuel Carrère (2001).

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