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Sobre (journal intime)

Sobre (journal intime)

Amaury Voslion

France | 2020 | 34 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
After 25 years of addiction, photographer and filmmaker Amaury Voslion vows to get sober. He consciously decides to share this experience, with all the vulnerability this entails, in the form of a poetic personal journal. We then embark on an inner journey where the darkness is fractured with colors. The filmmaker invites us to witness all his states of mind, to discover his mental landscapes, and to follow the path that leads him back to the light. Drawing on both the intimate and the universal, Sobre is a cinematic essay of introspection, unfiltered, and with renewed honesty. Through its astounding mastery of image and a keen sense of aesthetics, this short film pays homage to salvation through self-awareness.
Director Amaury Voslion
Editing Amaury Voslion
Voice Amaury Voslion
Cinematography Amaury Voslion
Music Noel Balen, Mansara

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Amaury Voslion

Amaury Voslion

Amaury Voslion’s films are rich in painting, photography, cinema and music. For many years, they have been looking at creation, artists and their process. Awarded in Cannes in 2003 for his in-depth work on New York underground cinema, he has directed numerous documentaries on cinema, photography, music and even starred cuisine, for Arte, Ciné +, TV5, Paris Première, among others. Trained as a photographer, often cinematographer and editor of his films, he has made several short fiction films, including Trouble, which was selected in Anger and Pantin, as well as a television film: Lumière. He also directed black and white video clips with photographer Richard Dumas, for artists such as Tindersticks, Les innocents, Dominique A, Rosemary Standley. His film Mingus Erectus, an entirely musical feature dedicated to the great double bassist Charles Mingus, has been selected in many festivals and received the prize for best documentary on art as well as the special jury prize at the Mediawave festival in 2019, and the audience prize at the Festival des Films à l’Est, the same year. For Amart films, Voslion has also made portrait films with and about contemporary artist Jean-Luc Verna, musician Thomas de Pourquery, videographer Pierrick Sorin and more recently dancer Jeanne Morel, where his style with its sensitive aesthetics has imposed itself. Also a screenwriter, he is currently developing his first feature film for the cinema, as well as a detective series for platforms.

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Jules & Romy (2012) ; Lenny is back (2007) ; Corp & âme (2018) ; Mingus Erectus (2017) ; Poses ; David Linx (2018).

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