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Altérations / Kô Murobushi

Altérations / Kô Murobushi

Basile Doganis

France, Japan | 2019 | 50 min
French, Japanese |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
This film, less a portrait of a dancer than an encounter between dance and cinema, steps lightly between film and choreography; a fitting tribute to the dance and imagination of Kô Murobushi.
Director Basile Doganis
Author Basile Doganis
Director of Photography Basile Doganis
Editing Claire Atherton
Sound mixing Simon Apostolou
Music Osamu Goto
Translation Anita Conrade


Basile Doganis

Basile Doganis

Basile Doganis is a Greek-French director-screenwriter. During his studies in Philosophy, he spent 3 years in Tokyo where he made a documentary on a Japanese rap band, Kami Hito E – On The Edge (2008), and he was first assistant director on Limosin’s documentary on the Japanese mafia, Young Yakuza (Cannes 2007). He has directed two fiction short films, His Brother’s Keeper (2012) and Citizen Day (2014) which was selected in over 50 festivals worldwide. He released his first feature film, Meltem in 2018, it is co-produced by Elzévir Films and Blonde Audiovisual Productions. Then, his documentary on the dancer Kô Murobushi whose filming spanned the last 10 years of his life, Alterations / Kô Murobushi (2019), was presented at the Cinéma du Réel in 2019 and at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in 2020.

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Alterations / Ko Murobushi (2019); Meltem (2019); Citizen Day (2014); His Brother’s Keeper (2012)

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