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Behind Natacha Rambova's Shadow

Behind Natacha Rambova’s Shadow

Georgina Sas

Spain | 2019 | 54 min
English, Spanish, Catalan |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Dancer, screenwriter and costume designer Natacha Rambova, born in 1897 in Salt Lake City, had a profound impact on her time and left behind a unique artistic legacy. In this documentary, Georgina Sas turns the spotlight on a dazzlingly elegant and multi-talented artist, who would become one of the biggest names of the early 20th century.
Director Georgina Sas
Editing Nuria Guillen
Cinematography Jaume Caldentey
Music Francisco Albéniz, Joan Ernest Castells

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Georgina Sas

Georgina Sas

Georgina Sas Sanuy (Barcelona, 1972) holds a degree in Art History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Diploma in Cultural Tourism from the University of Barcelona. Her work in the world of art developed when she arrived in Mallorca in 2004; in the field of cultural communication she has made television programmes, Sentidos en Canal 4, and Pulsiones a IB3 Televisión, in which she assumed the tasks of direction, script and presentation. She has also been collaborating with IB3 Radio for years with an art section. She is currently writing the art critic for Diario de Mallorca, the cultural supplement Bellver; she has written for the magazine Lluc, and also numerous texts by artists such as Horacio Sapere, Pep Guerrero and Albert Pinya. She alternates writing with curating exhibitions, both for public institutions and for private galleries.

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Behind Natacha Rambova’s Shadow (2019)

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