L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Augas Abisais

North American Premiere

Augas Abisais

Xacio Baño

Spain | 2020 | 24 min
Spanish |
Subtitles: English
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The image of the lantern fish hints at the intent of this film: to illuminate the memory of past generations so they will not be forgotten. The historical context is evoked through the letters of young Casto Balsa, an ancestor of the filmmaker. Still a boy, Balsa was called up to fight in the Spanish civil war, and he wrote of his experiences in letters to his parents. 80 years later, the film director writes to his grandmother while he retraces the journey of his ancestor across Spain, visiting trenches and a war museum along the way. This epistolary film is a voyage into the past through an investigation of family memories, preserved archives, and a wish to reappropriate the collective memory.
Gijón International film Festival, Espagne (Nov, 2020) Official selection, competition 
Sheffield International Documentary Festival, England (June, 2020) World premiere
Director Xacio Baño
Sound David Machado
Cinematography Lucia C. Pan
Decoration María Lolo

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Xacio Baño

Xacio Baño

Xacio Baño (Spain 1983) studies cinematography and he specializes in film editing. He produces, writes and directs several short films among them ECO” (2015), SERVOLTAR’ (2014) and ANACOS (2012). He has taken part in several festivals such as Locarno, New directors / New Films — MoMA, San Sebastian Film Festival, Viennale, Clermont Ferrand, Telluride Film Festival, Mar del Plata, BAFICI, Slamdance, … TROTE’, his first fiction feature film, premiered at Locarno film festival in 2018.
Trote (2018)
Eco (2015)
Ser e voltar (2014)
Anacos (2012)
Estereoscopía (2011)

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