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Carte blanche au Beirut Art Film Festival

Carte blanche au Beirut Art Film Festival

Lebanon, Greece | 1 h 37 min
French, Arabic |
Subtitles: French, English
By offering it a Carte Blanche, FIFA is pleased to make its collaboration with the Beirut Art Film Festival official.

By inviting the Beirut Art Film Festival to participate in its 39th edition, the International Festival of Films on Art wanted to pay tribute to Beirut — a martyred city, wounded by criminal governance, but also home to intense cultural activity.

Since its creation in 2015, BAFF, in addition to its vocation of celebrating and promoting art creation, has stood up as an initiative engaged in defending human rights, cultural heritages, and freedom of expression. In this period of instability and lockdowns, cultural actors have a major responsibility: it’s time, more than ever, for reflection, listening, and dialogue. BAFF has therefore chosen to be a megaphone for the voices of Lebanese intellectuals: whether they are directors, authors, performers, visual artists, or musicians, this Carte Blanche offers an encounter between FIFA audiences and men and women who are obsessed with their city, in which they live constantly with death, madness, tyranny, gentleness, uncertainty — and, always, faith in a better future.

The three documentaries offered by the artistic director of the Beirut Art Film Festival feature looks by Lebanese intellectuals at the reconstruction and destruction in their city… I would like to thank the entire FIFA team for this first initiative, which opens the way to future exchanges.” -Alice Mogabgab, Artistic Director, BAFF

Beirut… Points of View - Hady Zaccak. Lebanon. 2000. 32 min. Arabic. English subtitles.
During the era when all of Beirut was a construction site, a visit to the city through the eyes of five artists of different generations, uneasy about the disappearance of the past and the rise of their new capital.

Etel Adnan, Words in Exile — Vouvoula Skoura. Greece. 2007. 52 min. French. English subtitles.
In this 2007 documentary, the Greek director offers a portrait of poet and painter Etel Adnan, born in Lebanon in 1925, of Greek and Syrian descendance, exiled to the United States and then to France. Before the sea, Adnan creates her own geography of women and cities and returns to the questions that concern the world and to Beirut, her city, where everything begins and ends.

Une ville et une femme - Nicolas Khoury. Lebanon. 2020. 13 min. French. English subtitles. World Premiere.
Directed by Nicolas Khoury a few days after the explosion of August 4, 2020, the film is an immersion in a deserted Beirut. A young woman walks through the city, not destroyed but disfigured,” while performing a poem by Etel Adnan.
Director Nicolas Khoury, Vouvoula Skoura, Hady Zaccak Zaccak
Author Etel Adnan
Cast Mariah Tannoury
Narration Eleni Varopoulou
Cinematographer Antoine El Khazen
Music Ahmad Kaabour, Nikos Papadogoulas

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Beirut Art Film Festival

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