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Clair / Obscur

World Premiere

Clair / Obscur

Elias Djemil-Matassov

Canada | 2021 | 8 min
Jouer Trailer
This poetic short film explores the puppet as a vector of emotions. The relationship between the puppeteer and the puppet, between shadow and light, between the hands and the object. When does the magic happen? The line between reality and illusion seems very fine in this living art form, which is sometimes still unrecognized.
Director Elias Djemil-Matassov
Director of Photography Stéphane Thériault
Production Manager Annick Beauvais
Line Producer Marie-Luce Gervais
Participation Jean-Nicolas Demers
Editing Elias Djemil-Matassov
Colorization Stéphane Thériault
Concept Elias Djemil-Matassov, Elizabeth Elizabeth, Jean-Philippe Nadeau-Marcoux
Animation José Babin, Alain Lavallée, Nadine Walsh
Music Guido Del Fabbro

In Partnership with


• Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Saturday, march 19, 2022, 05:30 p.m. — 07:30 p.m.


Elias Djemil-Matassov

Elias Djemil-Matassov

Elias Djemil is a multi-disciplinary artist and a curious human. Not limited to any register or technique, his artistic reflection takes shape above all via the universal medium of the image: The image, of all kinds, frozen in time or in movement, invented from scratch or inspired by real, always brings us not only towards ourselves, but especially towards the other ”. Torn between his love of figurative and abstract art, his approach is refined over fifteen short films and ten music videos awarded internationally as director and designer.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Sosu (2021)
Solos Maison (2021)
Le poids des plumes (2021)
e par JB (2021)
Croissant (2020)

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Centre Canadien d’Architecture

Saturday, march 19, 2022, 05:30 p.m.

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