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The Eyes of Dante. Visions from the Divine Comedy

North American Premiere

The Eyes of Dante. Visions from the Divine Comedy

Adolfo Conti

Germany, Italy | 2021 | 57 min
Italian |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
What was Dante Alighieri looking at when he conceived the Divine Comedy? Seven hundred years after his death in 1321, this film paints an original portrait of the greatest European poet of the Middle Ages. Through Dante’s eyes, we discover the key events of his life: meeting Beatrice, her premature death, his military experience, and his exile — but also his metaphysical journey, punctuated by reflections on the human universe and the major themes that touch our lives.
Director Adolfo Conti, Adolfo Conti
Script Adolfo Conti
Author Adolfo Conti
Director of Photography Eugenio Persico
Scenographic Author Iris Tercon
Production Amalia Carandini
Production Manager Ilaria Sbarigia, Vania Arcangeli
Associate Producer Elmar Bartlmae
Make Up Artist Apollonia Tolo, Arianna Farolfi
Editing Eugenio Persico
Sound Recording Andrea Pondini
Camera Tony Costagliola di Fiore, Stefano Petti
Colorization Eugenio Persico
Cast Monica Piseddu, Angelo Gallamini, Alberto Baraghini, Camilla Baldi
Narration Monica Piseddu, Franco Leo
Sound mixing Jan Maio
Costumes Iris Tercon
Music Pasquale Catalano

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Adolfo Conti

Adolfo Conti

Adolfo Conti was graduated in History of Art Criticism”. After a period of apprenticeship as assistant director in all kinds of productions, mainly for RAI (films, TV programs, news broadcasts, high-definition programs), since 1997 has been directing television programs and cultural documentaries. He is managing director of Doc Art.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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