L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Love with Obstacles

Canadian Premiere

Love with Obstacles

Dora García

Belgium, Norway | 2020 | 59 min
English, Russian, Spanish |
Subtitles: English
This film focuses on the extraordinary author, Marxist feminist, October Revolutionary, political exile and diplomat Alexandra Kollontai (St. Petersburg, 1872 – Moscow, 1952). It delves into the conservation of her legacy in Moscow archives, what has been told and untold, and her vision of the future of a Socialist feminist revolution. Love with Obstacles is the first part of a feature film in progress, Amor Rojo, which will draw a fuller portrait of this figure who bridges a century of feminisms, from first wave to fourth and fifth, across two oceans, from Russia to Mexico and the Pacific. Through Kollontai’s legacy and its place in the history of ideas, Dora Garcías film traces a genealogy of today’s renewed surge of feminism.

This film is part of the FIFA EXPERIMENTAL section program DORA GARCÍA.
Overview of some festivals:
Netwerk Aalst, Belgium (2021)
Fotogalleriet Oslo, Norway (2021)
Frontera Sur Chillán, Chili (2021)
MACBA Barcelona, Spain (2021)
St Lukas Gent, Belgium (2021)
Director Dora García
Camera Vincent Pinckaers

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Dora García

Dora García

Dora García lives and works in Barcelona and Oslo. She teaches currently at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway and Le Fresnoy, France. She has represented Spain at the Venice Biennale in 2011 and was present again in the Venice Biennale 2013. Furthermore, she took part in the 56th Venice International Art Exhibition, dOCUMENTA(13) and other international events such as Münster Sculpture Projects in 2007, Sydney Biennale 2008 and São Paulo Biennale 2010. Her work is largely performative and deals with issues related to community and individuality in contemporary society, exploring the political potential of marginal positions, paying homage to eccentric characters and antiheroes. These eccentric characters have often been the center of her film projects, such as The Deviant Majority (2010), The Joycean Society (2013) and Segunda Vez (2018).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Si Pudiera Desear Algo / If I Could Wish for Something (2021)
Segunda Vez (2018)
The Joycean Society (2013)
The Inadequate (2011)
The Deviant Majority (2010)

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