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L'oeil écoute / The Eye Listens

L’oeil écoute / The Eye Listens

FIFA EXPERIMENTAL is an out-of-competition, by-invitation section of the festival. Emphasis is on works by artists offering singular perspectives on art and on creative processes, on the political impact of images, text and sound, and on the potential of art works to investigate what we identify as reality.

THE EYE LISTENS focuses on movement and how it connects words, light and sound. Three works are featured: a collaboration between visual artist Manon De Pauw and poet Marc André Brouillette, their first; an evocative essay about time by Mika Taanila; and a polyphonic composition by Christian Calon.

How to put a thought, an emotion, an experience, a reality into motion? How to give voice to difference, film and record it and, more important, share it? These are the concerns of the artists in this program.

Nicole Gingras
Programmer, FIFA EXPERIMENTAL section

où les mots — Manon De Pauw, Marc André Brouillette. Canada. 2021. 5 min. No dialogue.
Failed Emptiness. Time — Mika Taanila. Finland. 2021. 13 min. No dialogue. English subtitles.
Grande Polyphonie — Christian Calon. Canada. 2021. 40 min. No dialogue.
Director Manon De Pauw, Marc André Brouillette, Mika Taanila, Christian Calon

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