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La femme sans nom, l'histoire de Jeanne et Baudelaire

North American Premiere

La femme sans nom, l’histoire de Jeanne et Baudelaire

Régine Abadia

France | 2021 | 54 min
Jouer Trailer
The language in this film may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

La femme sans nom is the story of the ghost that haunts one of the French painter Gustave Courbets works. Her name is Jeanne Duval, a Black woman whose real name remains unknown. She was the muse and companion of the poet Charles Baudelaire. Erased from the painting by Courbet himself, Jeanne has returned to the surface as if the paint pigments could not bear her erasure. Between archival images and animation, this documentary offers a portrait worthy of the woman who inspired some of the most beautiful poems in the French language — although she was neglected by Baudelaire’s biographers, who were blinded by their prejudices.
Director Régine Abadia
Author Régine Abadia
International Sales Julie Tolza
Production Sophie Parrault
Editing Joseph Licidé
Sound Margarida Guia
Cinematography Régine Abadia, Dominique Fausset
Animation Ricardo Kump

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Régine Abadia

Régine Abadia

Available in French only

Régine Abadia a commencé sa carrière en réalisant des courts-métrages de fiction dont Les bêtes (grand prix du festival de science fiction et de l’imaginaire de Roanne 1993). Elle a écrit et réalisé plus de 30 documentaires dont : Les contrôleurs de l’ombre (2020), Entre deux sexes (2017), Viva Dada (2016), Yasmina & Mohammed (2012), Yenny Bel’Air (2008) et The spirit of gospel (1998).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Les contrôleurs de l’ombre (2020)
Entre deux sexes (2017)
Viva Dada (2016)
Yasmina & Mohammed (2012)
Yenny Bel’Air (2008)

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