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Connexions : Banksy X Géricault

Quebec Premiere

Connexions : Banksy X Géricault

Annie Dautane

France | 2021 | 26 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
In 2015, Banksy produced four artworks in support of migrants in Calais. One of these works, located not far from the belfry of the town hall, is a pastiche of the famous painting Le Radeau de La Méduse by the French painter Théodore Géricault. Instead of the ship Argus, which rescued the survivors at the time, there is a car ferry, similar to those that travel between Calais and Dover but are inaccessible to migrants. Banksy is issuing a warning cry about the migration crisis in Europe, ongoing to this day. By re-creating Le Radeau de La Méduse, he stands behind Géricaults activism two centuries earlier, in service of freedom.
Director Annie Dautane
Author Annie Dautane
Editing Thierry Hoss
Sound Recording Arnaud Morel d'Arleux
Voice Simon Larvaron
Sound mixing David Cailleaux


Annie Dautane

Annie Dautane

After studying law and philosophy at the Sorbonne University, Annie Dautane participated in the launch of Ciné Plus, the Canal + cinema network, and then worked as the Production Manager for the documentary and film production at various TV channels.
Very much involved in the artistic field, in 2001 she founded the studio La Maison, a company renowned for creativity and the nurturing of talent. Through her company, she promotes an original viewpoint on many projects, developed in France and abroad, which have won several awards, including an Emmy Award for Visual Effects for the short film Dreamkeeper by Steve Baron.
In 2012, she founded Calm, a company fully dedicated to film production, with the mission to support and collaborate with authors, from the conception to the completion of their projects.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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