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High Maintenance - The Life and Work of Dani Karavan

North American Premiere

High Maintenance — The Life and Work of Dani Karavan

Barak Heymann

Poland, Israel | 2020 | 1 h 6 min
French, English, Italian, Hebrew |
Subtitles: English
Israeli visual artist and sculptor Dani Karavan, who died in 2021, designed nearly 100 environmental installations around the world. Alongside his long-time friend Wim Wenders, Karavan comments on his own works with emotion, a bit of frustration, and some flashes of humour. Despite his international success, Karavan faced some difficulties: his monumental structures were not properly maintained, his age was beginning to catch up with him, and his last commission was the subject of political and artistic controversy. This film offers a unique opportunity to discover the complex personality of one of the great artists of our time.
Overview of some festivals:
Beyond Borders Film Festival, Special Mention, Greece (2021)
Jozi Film Festival, Best International Feature Length Documentary, South Africa (2021)
Hot Docs, Canada (2021)
DocsBarcelona, Spain (2021)
Jerusalem Film Festival, Best Editing, Israel (2020)
Director Barak Heymann, Barak Heymann
Editing Shira Hochman
Cinematography Lukasz Konopa
Music Janek Duszynski, Alberto Shwartz

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Barak Heymann

Barak Heymann

Barak Heymann has been directing and producing documentaries for TV and cinema for more than 15 years. Barak’s, and his brother Tomer’s, independent film company, Heymann Brothers Films, has produced over 30 documentaries, some as international co-productions. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, such as Berlinale, IDFA and Hot Docs, where they have won prestigious awards. Barak teaches in several films schools in Israel and is currently engaged in a number of ongoing projects.

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