L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Le legs
The monument Lord Stanley’s Gift was selected following an open competition to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the original Stanley Cup. Situated in Ottawa, it stands a few steps from where the original cup was offered as a gift. The film presents the monument in winter and spring settings, accompanied by commentary by artist Linda Covit, art historian, critic, and exhibition curator Mona Hakim, and public art consultant Jean-Yves Bastarache.
Director Koa Padolsky
Participation Jean-Yves Bastarache, Linda Covit, Mona Hakim
Sound Olivier Léger
Cinematographer Philippe Lavalette, Olivier Léger, Jeff Lively
Music Nico Willems
Translation Jennifer Couëlle

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Koa Padolsky

Koa Padolsky

Koa is Canadian/​British documentary director whose films have focussed on human stories, music and the arts. Her previous work has been screened ART FIFA (2001) and Vues D’Afrique (2001), Canadian War Museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and on Vintage TV, Bravo!, TV5, Radio-Canada and ARTV. Prior to her career in documentary filmmaking, Koa was a producer / production executive for Disney Channel, Showtime Networks and Vintage TV (UK). As an educator, Koa has guest lectured at Manchester University, National Film and Television School (Beaconsfield, UK), and the Brighton Digital Media Academy.
Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument (2018) ; Ottawa Holocaust Survivor Testimonials (2017) ; Le chemin des juifs (2016) ; In Conversation with… (20102015) ; Glass for a Lantern (2009) ; Crash Test Mommy (2006) ; Eighteen (2004) ; The Bone Snatcher (2003) ; Alpha yaya diallo — Le meilleur des deux mondes (2001) ; Edgemont Road (2001) ; The Unprofessionals (2000) ; Out of Time (2000) ; So Weird (1999)

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