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Janz in the Moment

Janz in the Moment

Joanna Kiernan

United States | 2020 | 1 h 11 min
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American artist Robert Janz (19322021) has been making kinetic and ephemeral art for over five decades. He works with both the natural and urban environments, exhibiting his work in prestigious galleries and major museums. The film unpacks Janz’s career as he turns 80 and embarks on a new venture: graffiti art in New York. The film sheds light on an artist who has worked in sculpture and painting, explored performance and installation, and several times turned away from the conventional career path to pursue his quest for the ephemeral. Exploring themes of fluidity, change, and spontaneity, Janz in the Moment is a poetic twist on urban life and a celebration of creativity itself.
Also presented:
39th International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2021)
Director Joanna Kiernan
Production Amelia Green-Dove, Joanna Kiernan
Editing Joanna Kiernan
Sound mixing Will Digby
Cinematography Joanna Kiernan
Music Blake Leyh, Tony Jarvis

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Joanna Kiernan

Joanna Kiernan

Joanna Kiernan was born in Great Britain and went to St Martins School of Art, where she studied painting and film. She came to the U.S. for graduate school at U.C. San Diego, and has since lived in the United States, mostly in New York City, and now in Los Angeles. Her early work was experimental art films, including Dream-Work and Trilogy. She screened these at the Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, Film Forum Los Angeles, and at the Collective for Living Cinema and Millennium in New York, and London Fim-Maker’s Coop. During this period she was also published in various film journals including Film Culture, Millennium Film Journal, and Afterimage. She started working in documentary as an editor, and her work includes, among other films, AZUL, a film about poetry and poets in Nicaragua, which has won seven awards and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, the ART 21 series (PBS), The Ladies’ Special (Der Frauenzug von Bombay) directed by Dorothee Wenner, about women in Mumbai, and Ain’t Nuthin’ But a She-Thing, interstitial portraits of Gloria Steinem, Audrey Hepburn and Wangari Maathi (MTV), which she also directed. Janz in the Moment is her first solo feature documentary.

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Journey From Zanskar (2010); In the Valley of Elah (2008); War of Ideas, for Frontline (2007); Breaking the Silence (2005); Art 21, Time & Loss & Desire (2003)

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