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Le Poids du lieu, chorégraphie virtuelle en trois temps

World Premiere

Le Poids du lieu, chorégraphie virtuelle en trois temps

Sarah Bild, Caroline Hayeur

Canada | 2023 | 26 min
Jouer Trailer
Accompanied by composers Jonah Bild-Lowrie, Myléna Bergeron, and Ana Sokolovic, choreographer Sarah Bild and photographer Caroline Hayeur merge their worlds to create a trilogy in the form of a photographic film evoking Flemish painting at the heart of a deserted city haunted by wandering specters…

In the presence of director, choreographer and performer Sarah Bild on March 23, 2024 at the McCord Stewart Museum in Montréal
Director Sarah Blid, Caroline Hayeur
Director of Photography Caroline Hayeur
Editing Caroline Hayeur
Sound Recording Caroline Hayeur
Colorization Alain Omer Duranceau
Choreography Sarah Bild
Cast Sarah Bild
Calibrating Alain Omer Duranceau
Sound mixing Victor Hayeur
Music Myléna Bergeron, Jonah Bild-Lowrie, Ana Sokolovic


• Musée McCord Stewart
Saturday, march 23, 2024, 07:30 p.m. — 09:30 p.m.


Sarah Bild

Sarah Bild

Montreal movement artist Sarah Bild follows an intuitive stream of physical imagery to create deeply textured works of dance, presented for the last 30 years across Canada.
In 2015, her 50+ project addressed the representation of the aging female body on stage. In 2016, Sarah Bild began performing her research in outdoor locations with Wall Series.
In She Wanted (2019), an intimate solo performed around a table for just two spectators, Bild shares a personal story evoking motherhood, art practice and fleeting time. The piece was presented nearly 90 times between 2019 and 2022.

More recently, she inhabits derelict urban and rural spaces to investigate sense of place in her performance, photo, and video project Le Poids du lieu in collaboration with photographer Caroline Hayeur. Using these images as choreographic material, they have built three short films for release in Winter 2024.
Sarah Bild is the first improviser certified to teach the Action Theater technique in Quebec. She teaches regularly at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal and the Université de Montréal, and is a guest choreographer and teacher at several dance training schools across Canada.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
À Bras le corps (2023)
Le Dépouillement de l’anguille (2021)
Caroline Hayeur

Caroline Hayeur

Resolutely optimistic, with over 25 years of on-the-ground experience, Caroline Hayeur explores social issues that touch on conviviality, sharing and differences. Her quest includes different sites and forms of socialization — friends, filial relationships, plural communities — in the tradition of documentaries and humanistic portrayals. Some of these relationships are formed by provoking or highlighting common situations. Movement, dance and gesture are recurring themes through which she attempts to capture the essence of our connections to each other and the land. Rituel festif, Portraits de la scène rave à Montréal (1997), Amalgat — Danse, Traditions et autres spiritualités (2007).

Hayeur has a knack for approaching strangers in intimate environments and earning their trust through genuine conversation. Like a visual anthropologist, her approach could be called an ethnology of the everyday. Her typically large-scale exhibitions and installations are in line with many contemporary photo-based practices. Humanitas (2010), Adoland (2014).

In the early 2000s, Hayeur added video and media art to her practice, pushing her research process further and even broadening it to include animation and sound. Hayeur has collaborated with the NFB/​Interactive studio since its very beginnings to produce multiple group projects, both on the web and as installations. Since 2003, she has worked with musician Myléna Bergeron to create live video-music and audio-visual performances that have taken them to Shanghai, Chile, and across Europe. In 2016, following an artist residency in Buenos Aires, she produced Abrazo, a photo and video installation project with interdisciplinary artist D. Kimm that captures the movement and atmosphere of the intimate world of tango. Mapping Territories (2006), Dans la forêt (2010), Abrazo (2016), Radiosocopie du dormeur (2022).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Radioscopie du dormeur (2022)
Primal (2014)
24 poses féministes (2012)

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