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La Nuit de la danse

La Nuit de la danse

La Nuit de la danse is a marathon of screenings for an unforgettable night at Théâtre Outremont.

Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian, Hofesh Shechter, Vickie Grondin, Marlene Millar, Laetitia Demessence, Cécile Rogue, Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Loup-William Théberge and many more… Join us as we celebrate dance artists from here and abroad!

A night presented in partnership with the Regroupement québécois de la danse, Danse Danse, Ballets Jazz Montréal.

Part 1 :
Forward Back — In the presence of Mistaya Hemingway, Kaveh Nabatian. Canada. 2024. 13 min. No dialogue.
ANTOINE — In the presence of Denis Poulin. Canada. 2023. 6 min. No dialogue.
Les mots d’amourIn the presence of Laetitia Demessence. Canada. 2023. 5 min. French.
Ce qui subsiste In the presence of Vickie Grondin. Canada. 2023. 15 min. No dialogue.

Part 2 :
Refuge — In the presence of Marlene Millar. Canada. 2023. 14 min. No dialogue.
Le Néant In the presence of Alexandra Landé, Patrick Boivin, George Allister. Canada. 2023. 12 min. English. French subtitles.
La Timidité des CimesIn the presence of Loup-William Théberge. Canada. 2024. 19 min. No dialogue.
Et Maintenant ? — Cécile Rogue. France. 2023. 15 min. French. English subtitles.

Part 3 :
Marée noire — In the presence of Chantal Caron. Canada. 2024. 12 min. No dialogue.
Hairy Dreams — In the presence of Lina Cruz. Canada. 2022. 8 min. English.
NEKANE — Clara Rodríguez Arasanz. Spain. 2023. 5 min. Basque. English subtitles.
ENTRE NOUS In the presence of Roxane Duchesne-Roy, Tiphaine Roustang. Canada. 2023. 29 min. French. English subtitles.

Part 4 :
YOU ARE ENOUGH— Lisa Magnan. France. 2022. 9 min. No dialogue.
Saint-RémiIn the presence of Simon Vermeulen. Canada. 2024. 4 min. No dialogue.
SOMA — Arturo Bandinelli. UK. 2023. 11 min. No dialogue.
Undertones — In the presence of Kat Castro. United States. 2022. 5 min. No dialogue.
Bestia — Iwona Pasinska. Pologne. 2022. 9 min. No dialogue.
Return — Hofesh Shechter, Eric Gauthier. Germany / UK. 2023. 15 min. No dialogue.

In Partnership with


• Théâtre Outremont
Thursday, march 21, 2024, 07:00 p.m. — 11:00 p.m.

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