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Shake: Dreaming Body
This film is part of Yu Shimizus Carte Blanche, a Tokyo-based art film curator.

How can we make sure that we understand things in the right way? And how can we accurately describe our own consciousness or things we saw and heard to others? This video work depicts the process of people confirming things by recording some certain body movements which may look like an improvised performance.
Other festivals:
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, Japan (2022)
Director Eri Saito, Eri Saito

In Partnership with

Yatai MTL


Eri Saito

Eri Saito

Eri Saito was born 1991 in Fukushima. She graduated from Wako University, Department of Arts, Faculty of Representational studies in 2015. Focusing on the media of photography and video, she creates works themed on such invisible and uncertain dynamics as memory and cognition.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Recent exhibitions:
Until It Gets Dark (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2021)
Glory of 2020 (Yumi Adachi Contemporary / Awoba Soh, Tokyo, 2020)
1GB (Spiral Hall, Tokyo, 2020)

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