L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
This film is part of Yu Shimizus Carte Blanche, a Tokyo-based art film curator.

Shot on the eve of the 2019 – 20 Hong Kong protests. The scenery I saw during my trip to Hong Kong was nostalgic, like something I had seen in a dream a long time ago. The shopping streets and markets stretched under the skyscrapers on the small island. The city is very futuristic but also has a feeling of time going backward. After returning to Japan, I saw the news videos showing many Molotov cocktails being thrown around in the city. People and the world change easily, with the way the wind blows. Was it a dream that I saw in the city? I collected small fragments of feeling on the other side of the wall next to daily life.
Other festivals:
HENRI (Cinémathèque Française), France (2021)
Director Shun Ikezoe
Production Shun Ikezoe
Editing Shun Ikezoe
Sound Izumi Matsuno
Cinematographer Shun Ikezoe

In Partnership with

Yatai MTL


Shun Ikezoe

Shun Ikezoe

Shun Ikezoe is a filmmaker and artist born in Kagawa in 1988 and raised in Osaka, Japan. Shun makes works by collecting individual voices and memories and reconstructing them into a universal voice. His film Jujuba (2018) about his life with his Chinese stepmother screened at numerous film festivals including Pia Film Festival and Hong Kong International Film Festival and won the Award for Excellence at Image Forum Festival in 2018. See you in my dreams (2020) was about his grandmother who raised him and has screened at festivals including Marseille International Film Festival, Pesaro Film Festival and New York Film Festival. In his new film What is it that you said? (2021), made in life during the pandemic, Shun turned to listen to the inner voices and lives around him. The film will world premiere at 59th New York Film Festival. Shun has also exhibited works in galleries and museums and was most recently part of the group show Until it gets dark at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
What is it that you said? (2021)
See you in my dreams (2020)
Dissociative amnesia (2020)
his/​her (2020)
Jujuba (2018)

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