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Vagues et ombres

Vagues et ombres

Benoît Fry

Canada | 2021 | 58 min
Jouer Trailer
The latest film-concert by collectif9, Vagues et ombres is an ode to water and an homage to the colours and nuances of the musical universe of Claude Debussy. Enveloped by the magical shadow theater of Montréal duo Mere Phantoms, collectif9 gives a new dimension to a selection of pieces chosen from the French composer’s repertoire for piano as well as his iconic symphonic work, La Mer, with original arrangements by Thibault Bertin-Maghit. A new work by Montreal composer Luna Pearl Woolf brings us to the present with a contemporary look at our relationship to the aquatic world.
Director Benoît Fry
Sound Recording Philippe Bouvrette
Camera Lucas Harrison Rupnik, André Poitras, Visa Niemeläinen, Benoît Fry
Artist Xavier Lepage-Brault, Andrea Stewart, TJ Skinner, Jaimie Robson, Mere Phantoms, Robert Margaryan, Maya Ersan, John Corban, Collectif9, Jérémie Cloutier, Scott Chancey, Chloé Chabanole, Thibault Bertin-Maghit
Sound Carl Talbot, Christopher Johns
Concept Thibault Bertin-Maghit
Lighting Martin Sirois
Music Luna Pearl Woolf, Claude Debussy


Benoît Fry

Benoît Fry

Benoit Fry is a director, editor, and cameraman, and has been creating promotional content, music videos, fiction films, and documentaries for 15 years. He is known for producing sequences filled with emotion and for his impressive efficiency. With a solid cinematographic background, he is a masterful visual storyteller. He describes himself as a creator of atmospheres”. A perfectionist, he always follows his ideas to the very end.

Passionate about film photography (he regularly shoots Super 8 film), he is also a photographer, and produces medium format film portraits developed in his darkroom by hand. He has been part of the Shoot Studio team in Montreal since 2017.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Vagues et ombres (2021); Rituæls (2021); La nuit des chevaux volants (2021); Vidjay Rangaya : Le temps des perdus (2019).

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