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Boîtes à musique

Boîtes à musique

Georges Gachot

Switzerland | 2017 | 8 min
This industrial choreography reflects director Georges Gachot’s fascination for machines busy at work producing tin cans. With their sounds and rhythms, their breathing and automated movements, these machines become musicians and dancers for one show, all caught on tape in this short film. The soundtrack, which is entirely composed of workshop sounds, is interpreted by machines, as dancers of iron and bolts follow a majestic, mechanical choreography. The man behind these iron monsters holds a fragile place in this powerful, metallic world of music and aesthetics. A rhythmic union between image and sound.
Director Georges Gachot
Script Georges Gachot
Editing Ruth Schläpfer
Sound Balthasar Jucker
Sound mixing Jürg Von Allmen
Cinematographer Stéphane Kuthy
Music Banda Cê

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Georges Gachot

Georges Gachot

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Georges Gachot started his career working in film production for commercials and as sound assistant, most notably in the Oscar winning film Journey of Hope, in 1990. In 1996, he began producing and directing his own films that enjoyed worldwide success. He received the prestigious Italia Prize in 2002 for his portrait of the Argentinean pianist Martha Argerich in Martha Argerich, Evening Talks.
Where are You, Joao Gilberto? (2018) ; O Samba (2014) ; L’ombrello di Beatocello (2012) ; Rio Sonata (2010) ; Maria Bethânia, Música é Perfume (2005) ; Money or Blood (2004) ; Martha Argerich, Evening Talks (2002) ; And The Beat Goes On (2000) ; Bach at the Pagoda (1997).

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