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Divide Light Film

Divide Light Film

Ed Robbins

United States | 2020 | 1 h 8 min
English |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Divide Light Film is an opera created by visual artist Lesley Dill and composer Richard Marriott based on the poems of Emily Dickinson. A true multimedia performance, featuring eight singers from the New Camerata Opera Company (New York) and the Curiosity Cabinet String Quintet, this work transcends, and shatters, the form of the opera. Dickinson’s poems are sublimated in a remarkable scenography with a captivating musical score that incorporates classical, jazz, and Balinese influences. Beyond the recording of the performance, the film takes as its starting premise the viewer’s selective attention moved by the performers’ voices, the projection of images and poems, and the manuscript” costumes, while fostering their perception of the total world that it creates. The twelve composed pieces form a crescendo rising from blackness, fear, and isolation to ecstasy. A spectacle that leaves no one unmoved.
Also presented:
39th International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2021)
Director Ed Robbins
Editing Ed Robbins
Cast Victor Khodadad, Julia Tang, Barbara Porto, Eva Parr, Scott Lindroth, Alexandra Lang, Stan Lacy, Whitney George, Eric Bagger
Concept Lesley Dill
Cinematography George Steptoe, Ed Robbins, Allison Lau, Ben Jorgensen, Raishad Hardnett
Music Richard Marriott, The Curiosity Cabinet
Animation Laura Oxendine, Ben Schellenpeffer
Costumes Dill Lesley
Other Sarah Fraser, Sarah Dixey


Ed Robbins

Ed Robbins

Ed Robbins is a multi-award winning documentarian. Awards for his work include an Emmy, Cine Eagles, GRACIE GLAD, BANFF Awards, Best Doc Rome Festival (Feature), BAFTA Nominee and others. He has worked as a writer-director and also as a one-man-band” in numerous crisis zone regions. His decades of work in television and for the NYTimes include a profile of soldiers in Iraq’s civil war; in Kabul he captured the story of a young Afghan singer in a circus school for children; in Pakistan’s Northwest Territories he explored the Taliban’s grab for political power. Working across the world and throughout America, PBS, BBC2, Channel4 UK, National Geographic, The NYTimes, Time Magazine, Discovery, ABC, NBC, WCBS and other leading outlets have commissioned him as Writer-Director.

Mr. Robbins is also a Fine Arts college graduate, he conceived and directed the many animations that form the backdrop for Divide Light. His art related films profile musicians, artists at work, and performances and have been shown in dozens of Museums across the USA. Since 2011 he’s been an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. Graduate School of Journalism

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Divide Light (2020) ; Afghanistan: Defying Silence (2010) ; Iraq’s Lost Generation (2008) ; Reinventing the Taliban? (2004) ; Pakistan: On a Razor’s Edges (2004); Trauma: Life in the ER (1997).

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