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Electronic Vibrations - A Sound Changes the World

North American Premiere

Electronic Vibrations — A Sound Changes the World

Thomas Von Steinaecker

Germany | 2021 | 51 min
French, English, German |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Whether it’s avant-garde, techno, or hip-hop, today’s electronic music is a driving force for stylings from contemporary classical music to pop. Born in the aftermath of the Second World War, electronic music first emerged in the Essai studio in Paris and later in Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Electronic Studio in Cologne, which became avant-garde centres. How could rooms full of bizarre equipment become miraculous places whose vibrations excited the whole world? With the participation of Jean-Michel Jarre, Eliane Radigue, Jan St. Werner, Simon Stockhausen, Jaqueline Schaeffer, Peter Baumann, Emil Schult, and François Bonnet.
Director Thomas Von Steinaecker
Author Thomas Von Steinaecker
Production Lucie Tamborini
Production Manager Mária Géczi
Associate Producer Martin Bürkl, Christian Nurtsch-Wesener
Executive Production Bernhard Von Hülsen, Maria Willer
Editing Volker Schaner
Sound Recording Robert Sandow
Colorization Jan Hartmann
Voice Maximilian Merril
Sound mixing Jörn Steinhoff
Cinematography Christoph Valentien

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Thomas Von Steinaecker

Thomas Von Steinaecker

Thomas von Steinaecker, born in 1977, lives in Augsburg. For his novels, comic books, documentaries, and radio plays he received numerous awards. A big part of his body of work consists of TV-documentaries in which he mainly focuses on the music of the 20th century, among others Karlheinz Stockhausen, Richard Strauss and Leonard Bernstein.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
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Leonard Bernstein — Das zerrissene Genie (2017÷2019)
Mythos Beethoven (2016)
Von Dada bis Gaga — 100 Jahre Performance-Kunst (2015)
Bewegte Republik Deutschland (2014)

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