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Jack B. Yeats, The Man Who Painted Ireland

North American Premiere

Jack B. Yeats, The Man Who Painted Ireland

Alex Verner

Ireland | 2021 | 50 min
Jouer Trailer
A visionary, an enigma — the brother of the immortal poet William Butler—and a story that has never been told on screen. Narrated by Irish actor Pierce Brosnan and written by a renowned fellow Irishman, author Colm Tóibín, the film undertakes a poetic, philosophical and revealing exploration of the legacy of Jack B. Yeats, the man who painted Ireland.
Director Alex Verner
Scenographic Author Colm Tóibín
Production Joel Verner
Cast Pierce Brosnan


Alex Verner

Alex Verner

Filmmaker and Director Alex Verner was brought up in the rugged Atlantic shores of Ireland’s west coast. It was there, where a deep passion for nature and ecology would develop and inspire his sense for storytelling and visual imagery. Upon finishing school, instead of University, Verner sought to carve out an existence in south central Africa and eventually secured a hard-fought filming opportunity on BBC’s Elephants Without Borders which led to a further work on blue chip’ natural history productions including David Attenborough’s Nature’s Great Events and National Geographic’s award-winning Night of the Lion.
Swapping the big five’ for the big bikes’ of the Isle of Man, Alex’s long-lens work would then find home in the acclaimed, theatrically released TT3D: Closer to the Edge. The high octane world of international motorsport and commercial style filmmaking offered the perfect platform to develop an affinity for human stories — supported by cinematic, visual storytelling. Equally, whilst breaking through as a documentary filmmaker, Alex setup Averner Films as a response to the rising demand for high quality, online episodic content. Initially delivering a successful YouTube series Inside Roborace, which told the development story of the first-ever autonomous race car. Now, it continues to house a range of other content for internationally recognised brands including the UFC, Goodyear and Jaguar Land Rover.
Most recently, Alex is proud to release his passion project and documentary debut, a revelatory, emotive and philosophical film about Ireland’s greatest painter — Jack Butler Yeats. Produced by Averner Films for RTÉ, it is written by the acclaimed bestselling author Colm Tóibín and narrated by the wonderful Pierce Brosnan. The Irish Times describing it as Hauntingly Beautiful’.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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