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L'étreinte des temps

L’étreinte des temps

La Société des archives affectives The Society of Affective Archives, Maxime Pelletier-Huot

Canada | 2018 | 17 min
Jouer Trailer
In spring 2018, a new permanent artwork was installed on Mount Royal for the first time in half a century. Created by three artists of different cultural backgrounds, the sculpture L’étreinte des temps gives voice to the heritage of the mountain: it evokes the site’s history and draws on ancestral knowledge. The film takes viewers through the steps in producing the art project and unveils the mysterious and captivating process of transforming an organic material into a bronze sculpture. Inspired by the form and botanical properties of the willow, from which an ancient pain remedy was made, L’étreinte des temps intertwines the present with all the yesterdays and tomorrows to care for and preserve them.
Also presented:
37th International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2019)
Director Maxime Pelletier-Huot
Script La Société des archives affectives
Participation NCK inc. (Franz Knoll), WAA Montréal Inc. (Malaka Ackaoui et Antoine Crépeau), Service des grands parcs, du verdissement et du Mont-Royal, Suzanne Rochon, Anne-Marie Proulx , Marie-Claude Langevin, Benoist Henrot, Denis et Lise Gagnon, Fausto Errico, Côté jardin (Pierre Dagenais), Clodet Beauparlant, Atelier du bronze à Inverness, Agro Énergie (Francis Allard)
Artist Fiona Annis, Véronique La Perrière M., Nadia Myre
Music David O'Brien

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La Société des archives affectives The Society of Affective Archives

La Société des archives affectives The Society of Affective Archives

First film.
Maxime Pelletier-Huot

Maxime Pelletier-Huot

L’étreinte des temps ( 2018); American Utopias (2017); Nikushpinan : On monte en territoire (2016)

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