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Agustina Comedi

Argentina | 2019 | 14 min
Spanish |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Córdoba, Argentina. As the 80s drew to a close, along with the military dictatorship, a group of transgender and drag queen friends came together to sing and perform on stage. Under the name Grupo Kalas”, this band of free spirits was faced with the conservatism that reigned in the city. Dresses and playbacks became their weapons and their trenches. Of all the group’s members, only La Delpi” is still alive, the rest lost to AIDS and the passage of time. Their story lives on through her words in this film composed of archival VHS images, which lend an aura of nostalgia. Heartbreaking though it is, her farewell letter to them also stands as a manifesto of friendship. A work infused with extraordinary sensitivity and beauty.
Overview of some festivals: 
Berlinale, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany (2020)
Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival, Spain (2020)
Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival, Greece (2020)
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival, Canada (2020)
Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea (2020)
Director Augustina Comedi
Editing Valeria Racioppi

In Partnership with

Le Cinéma sous les étoiles de Funambules Médias


Agustina Comedi

Agustina Comedi

Agustina Comedi (1986) Córdoba, Argentina. Screenwriter and Filmmaker. She studied Modern Literature. In 2017 her first film Silence is a Falling Body was premiered at IDFA. The film was multi-awarded and selected in more than 50 international festivals. Nowadays she’s writing her second feature.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Silence is a Falling Body (2017)

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