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L E   F I F A
Weeping Water
A shark swims freely in the ocean until it is caught in the nets of a fishing boat. The purpose? To cut off its fins and sell them for 50 cents each. The shark in this film is a dancer whose aquatic choreography is full of grace, reflecting the animal’s delicate movements, but also its despair, its pain, and the struggle to escape its captors. This film is both an affirmation of animal dignity and a rebuke of the human avarice and cruelty behind the decimation of millions of marine creatures every year. And yet, the choreography and staging shine with creativity, the art of movement, and a deep respect for the body.
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, U.S.A (2020)
Director Hyonok Kim
Script Joan Digby, Hyonok Kim, Joanna Yuen
Production Joan Digby
Participation Jihee Shon
Editing Hyonok Kim, Jihee Shon
Choreography Hyonok Kim
Cast Bo Pressly
Cinematography Dongsam Lee
Costumes Hyonok Kim
Music Arvo Part, Isang Yun

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Hyonok Kim Kim

Hyonok Kim Kim

Hyonok Kim is award winning director and choreographer. Shereceived her Ph.D in Art at Universite de Paris I and studied dance at Universite de Paris IV; she also studied film directing at New York Film Academy. For many years a professor in the Dance Department at t Keimyung University in Daegu.South Korea, she now lives and works in New York. Among her awards are Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award, International New York Film Festival Best Experimental Award, Gold Award Dance on Camera, Grand Prix Teruel International Video Competition, Canada Shorts-Canadian & International Short Film Festival Award. Her films have been Official Selections Brooklyn Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Cinedans Dance Screen Amsterdam, Festival International du Film sur l’Art, Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival Hong Kong, Moving Image Film Festival, Screen Dance International. Her films have been broadcasted by Canal + TV (France), Kanal 4 (Germany), ABC(Australia),the Shanghai National TV(China), KBS (Korean National TV), VPRO-TV (Netherlands), No TV & Movies (USA).
Selected films:
Weeping Water (2020)
Flight of the soul (2019)
For Sunrise (2018)
Dance with horses (2017)
Passion & Reborn (2013)

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