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Come Rain or Shine

North American Premiere

Come Rain or Shine

Justyne, Sze-Yeung Li

Hong Kong | 2019 | 12 min
Jouer Trailer
Why not let our bodies move freely in the streets, where stressed passers-by hurry to work or to accomplish their daily tasks? Why not dance in the rain? Why not use the whole urban landscape as a stage, down here at the foot of the high-rise buildings? Hailing from Hong Kong, choreographer and dancer Justyne, Sze-yeung Li stages an interaction between a talented creator and her demanding daily life — like that of so many others — in this short film. This skilfully shot film, whose settings and landscape echo the tormented movements of the protagonist, is an ode to creativity, inspiring courage and fantasy as ways to overcome adversity.
Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival, China (2019)
Director Justyne, Sze-Yeung Li
Choreography Justyne, Sze-Yeung Li
Cinematographer Tan-ki Wong
Music Robert Henke

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Justyne, Sze-Yeung Li

Justyne, Sze-Yeung Li

Li graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, School of Dance. She is a former member of the Hong Kong Ballet and Tanz Graz (Austria), and was a soloist with Ballet Bremerhaven (Germany). Li established Neo Dance HK with Wong Tan Ki in 2010. Li is currently working as an independent dancer and choreographer. Her choreography Division” received the 1st prize at the 7th Jerusalem International Choreography Competition. Her dance video Come Rain or Shine” received the Best Performance Award at the InShadow — Lisbon ScreenDance Festival 2020. She had also received numerous Hong Kong Dance Awards, including Outstanding Choreography and Outstanding performance by a Female Dancer (Galatea X), and Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance (Galatea and Pygmalion).

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