L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Geoblocked film in Quebec.

Ever since he was a child, Roman Lapshin has been haunted by the family secret surrounding the mysterious disappearance of thousands of paintings by his grandfather, Vladimir Dvorkin. This film follows Lapshin’s quest to shed light on the shadowy fate of his grandfather, to restore his honour and artistic legacy. And the search for his paintings is not going to be easy. But despite the risks and the collateral damage he faces, Lapshin is determined to pursue his mission across three continents and five countries. Will his thirst for the truth and for revenge provide the keys to freedom?
CIFF, Calgary International Film Festival, Canada (2020)
Director Billie Mintz
Production Danny Webber
Editing Michele Francis
Cinematographer Billie Mintz
Music Lydia Ainsworth


Billie Mintz

Billie Mintz

Billies life is a series of wild tales that are mostly true. Among his many talents, he is an ordained minister of deliverance and was trained in shamanism by an old Incan medicine man from Peru. Most notably, he is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and social justice advocate. Serving two seasons as a National Geographic correspondent for the show Explorer Billie has dedicated his career to exposing criminal conspiracies running through government, raising public consciousness, and advocating for those who have no voice. His belief in the power of story to inspire policy change is a driving force in his life as a storyteller. Billie has just completed his new feature, Portrayal” with CBC’s documentary Channel. His last film, The Guardians” made its World Premiere at Hot Docs 18, has won multiple awards and is now screening globally and being used by all levels of law enforcement to educate others of conservatorship issues. He is represented by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
Selected films:
The Guardians (2018)
Here I Am (2018)
Jesus Town, USA (2015)
40 Days (20152020) In post production

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