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Giulio Boato

Italy | 2019 | 52 min
French |
Subtitles: English
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The battle between Tancred and Clorinda is one of the most challenging scenes in Jerusalem Delivered. The crusader and the Muslim princess fall in love on the battlefield but decide to fight each other to the death; in the clash of cultures and religions, honour proves stronger than love. This scene is at the heart of Tancrède, a text written in 1701 by Antoine Danchet for the opera by André Campra. In 2016, Lucia Ronchetti, one of Italy’s foremost composers, revisits the text to compose the chamber opera Rivale, a monodrama for soprano, cello, brass ensemble, and percussion. Giulio Boato’s dreamlike film based on the musical score creates a vortex of sensations and emotions, striking a balance between music, theatre, and cinema.
Romaeuropa Festival, Italy (2019)
Director Giulio Boato
Artist HsiaoPei Ku
Sound mixing Lorenzo Danesin
Cinematography Alberto Girotto
Music Lucia Ronchetti

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Giulio Boato

Giulio Boato

Giulio Boato (Venice, 1988) studied performing arts at the universities of Venice, Bologna, Bordeaux and Paris, and now lives between Italy and France.
In 2015 he directed his first documentary: a portrait of controversial artist Jan Fabre (Best film on art at Festival Conversazioni video, Rome). He went on collaborating with Fabre, making two short films about his Italian exhibitions: Among Spiritual Guards (Florence, 2016) and Glass and Bones (Venice Biennale, 2017, Best short documentary in Los Angeles, Master Doc Film Festival).
In 2018, Giulio Boato presented in New York THEATRON, a film about Italian stage director Romeo Castellucci, Best feature documentary in London (New Renaissance Film Fe­ stival) and Best film on performance in Los Angeles (Fine Arts Films Festival).
In 2019, he released Shiro Takatani, between nature and technology selected in competition at FIFA International Art Film Festival 2019 (Montreal), Master of Art Film Festival 2020 (Sofia) and screened as Italian première in Romaeuropa Festival, introduced by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. At the same festival, he presented Rivale, a film-opera with music by Lucia Ronchetti.
Together with Lorenzo Danesin, he directed L’uomo che cammina, an immersive video-installation based on the homonymous landscape performance by DOM‑, selected in competition at FIFA International Art Film Festival 2020 (Montreal).

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Trenodia (2019)
Rivale (2019)
L’uomo che cammina (2019)
Shiro Takatani. Tra natura e tecnologia (2018)
Ragazzi (2018)

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