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This summer, in the shadow of the grand art on ARTS.FILM


This summer, in the shadow of the grand art on ARTS.FILM

Une femme à la tête de Dior

This summer, ARTS.FILM offers you the chance to experience art in a big way, and to be enriched by contact with the great masters, classic works and inspiring figures who do things in a big way… Don’t miss the start of this summer’s programming on May 31!

Nighthawks Edward Hopper 1942 AIC Chicago landscape
Hopper: An American Love Story


Matisse, Caravaggio, Picasso, Hopper, Renoir, Van Gogh… dive into the works of the greatest masters this summer. Do not miss L’affaire Caravage by Frédéric Biamonti, a thrilling investigation following the masterpiece Judith Beheading Holofernes, which grossed over 2 million euros at the Italian box office. Discover also Renoir: Revered and Reviled by Phil Grabsky, offering a fresh perspective on the artist who bridged the old and new worlds of art. This film is produced by Exhibition On Screen, which since its launch in 2011 has screened its major exhibition films in over 60 countries, seen by nearly 5 million viewers. Let yourself be inspired by Mary Cassatt in Mary Cassatt: Painting The Modern Woman by Ali Ray, a celebration of female representation in art.


This season, ARTS.FILM highlights festival favorites, such as Anna-Eva Bergman: L’Alchimie de la lumière narrated by the enchanting Charlotte Rampling. Explore the world of Jean Paul Riopelle through the eyes of artist Marc Séguin, his daughter Yseult Riopelle, and his last companion Huguette Vachon in Les oies de Jean Paul Riopelle by Jean-Luc Dupuis, and embark on an architectural road movie through Thailand with Big Ears Listen With Feet by Franco-Italian filmmaker-architect duo Bêka & Lemoine. Also, do not miss Brancusi: The Metamorphoses of Sculpture by Alain Fleischer.

Big Ears Listen With Feet Beka Lemoine 2 3
Big Ears Listen With Feet


Beyond these portraits and classics, ARTS.FILM invites you to explore other artistic disciplines. Experience photography through Gabor by Joannie Lafrenière, Flamenco dance with Phenix | Al-Kimia by Simon C. Vaillancourt, fashion with A Woman at the Head of Dior for an exclusive and unique immersion into the magical backstage of one of the most prestigious and iconic fashion houses in the world. Also delve into street art with Street Heroines by Alexandra Henry, which explores the graffiti world through the eyes of three emerging Latin American street artists. All this, plus a selection of short films that allows you to meander among artists and artistic disciplines.

Do not miss the start of this breathtaking program on May 31st on ARTS.FILM.

From May 31
Matisse, le tailleur de lumière by Isabelle Bony
It’s All a Plan by Joana Mendes Da Rocha and Patricia Rubano
Earth.Sync by Alex Côté

From June 14
L’affaire Caravage by Frédéric Biamonti
Les oies de Jean Paul Riopelle by Jean-Luc Dupuis
At Arm’s Length by Robin Pineda Gould

From June 28
Sunflowers: The Mystery Of Van Gogh’s Greatest Masterworks by David Bickerstaff
Anna-Eva Bergman, L’Alchimie de la lumière by Simone Hoffman
Phénix | Al-Kimia by Simon C. Vaillancourt

From July 12
Renoir: Revered and Reviled by Phil Grabsky
Big Ears Listen With Feet by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Under the Ground (Hi Mom, Hi Dad) by Arturo Zepeda

From July 26
Hopper: An American Love Story by Phil Grabsky
Mary Cassatt: Painting The Modern Woman by Ali Ray
Lila by Alejandro Jiménez

From August 9 
On the French Riviera with Man Ray and Picasso by François Lévy-Kuentz
Gabor by Joannie Lafrenière
The Show Through My Eyes by Carlo De Togni

From August 23
Brancusi, les métamorphoses de la sculpture by Alain Fleischer
Une femme à la tête de Dior by Loïc Prigent
Bohyni by Sasha Theodora

From September 6
Manet: Portraying Life at the Royal Academy of Arts by Ben Harding and Phil Grabsky
Street Heroines by Alexandra Henry
Houbout by Chantal Partamian