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Fragments of Resilience

Fragments of Resilience

Anna Semenova

Poland, Ukraine | 2022 | 25 min
English, Ukrainian |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
This film will be presented during the event La Nuit de la danse on March 16, 2023 at Théâtre Outremont.

Fragments of Resilience was created in a hurry during the summer of 2022, in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Shaken by these tragic events, Polish choreographer Maciej Kuzminski invited Ukrainian refugees to participate in his dance workshops, to create a unique dance that would influence his audience’s perception of the situation. Watch as Maciej and his Polish-Ukrainian crew try to make sense of the war, through deep discussions and emotional dance rehearsals.
Director Anna Semenova
Production Manager Polina Bulat
Editing Anna Semenova
Colorization Vadim Khudoliy
Choreography Maciej Kuzminski
Cast Koval Daria, Anastasia Ivanova, Omar Karabulut, Maciej Kuzminski, Anna Myloslavska, Judyta Pakulska, Bargetto Paul, Szymon Tur, Vitaliia Vaskiv, Monika Witkowska
Cinematography Anna Semenova

In Partnership with


• Théâtre Outremont
Thursday, march 16, 2023, 06:00 p.m. — 12:00 a.m.


Anna Semenova

Anna Semenova

Anna Semenova is an independent visual artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has an interest in human relationships and how people deal with their traumatic experiences throughout their lives. Anna’s practical skills in photography and video editing help to reveal three main components of human nature in her artworks: physical body, psychological behavior, and spirituality. She started taking pictures at the age of 13 and is a self-taught photographer. In 2019, she entered Minshar Art College in Tel Aviv Israel, where she studied a course in documentary film production. She took on a wide range of projects related to lifestyle, fashion, commercial advertisement, and film production. In November 2022, Anna moved to Canada because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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