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La Ricerca

North American Premiere

La Ricerca

Giuseppe Petruzzellis

Italy | 2023 | 1 h 2 min
Italian |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Grand Prize, FIFA 2024

For six decades, the Italian artist Luigi Lineri has meticulously assembled La Ricerca”, an extensive collection of stones found along the Adige river and in the Lessinia mountains in Italy. These pebbles, bearing human and animal shapes reminiscent of enigmatic prehistoric sculptures, serve as a lens into the depths of human nature. Echoing mythological imagery, his art pays homage to the struggles of early humans, shaping the narrative of our species’ evolution. Providing an unparalleled perspective on the human journey and a hopeful manifesto for our future, this intriguing essay is sublimated by some magnificent photography as well as a soundtrack by the Chilean-American composer Nicolas Jaar.

Word of direction

I met Luigi Lineri and his work at the beginning of 2015. A meeting that sparked unprecedented wonder and a long series of questions. A spark from which this film’s development began. Luigi’s monumental work is a formidable tool for investigating universal themes. In his installation, he managed to materialize a vast field of anthropological, philosophical, and even political themes. Many of these contents are extremely current and urgent, such as our conflictual relationship with the ecosystem. These are the foundations upon which the formal elements of the film rest. Recontextualized archival materials and experimental audiovisual sequences work in an allusive and evocative way, adding layers of emotional and conceptual exploration to the film’s arguments. It’s a continuous and open dialogue with Luigi and with the audience.

The search aims towards the ideal perspective of collective empowerment: reworking lost memories to build a better future. The aspect of conservation (of our species, but not only) is also relevant in relation to the survival of the incredible artistic installation created by Luigi Lineri. Given its peculiarities, there’s a risk that it might disappear along with its creator, now 85 years old. This film is a testimony to Luigi’s life mission: an artistic vocation intended as a way to serve the universal human community. These deep motivations supported the long development process of this project, which lasted over 7 years. During this time, many professionals have embraced this undertaking, in many cases as a passion project, like in the case of world-renowned musician Nicolás Jaar, composer of the film’s original soundtrack.

- Giuseppe Petruzzellis 
Other festivals:
Visions du Réel, Youth Jury Special Award, Switzerland (2023)
Biografilm, Special Mention Hera New Talents”, Italy (2023)
Premio Libero Bizzarri, Andrea Pazienza Award, Italy (2023)
Documentaria, Best Editing Award, Italy (2023)
PriMED, France (2023)
Les Rencontres du Film d’Art, France (2023)
Euganea Film Festival, Italy (2023)
Cervino Cienemountain, Italy (2023)
Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy (2023)
Director Giuseppe Petruzzellis, Alessandro Carroli
Production Liza Fierro
Associate Producer Andrea Arena, Liza Faktor, Lisa Fierro
Editing Giuseppe Petruzzellis, Valentina Andreoli, Carlotta Cristiani
Cast Luigi Lineri
Sound Davide Saggioro
Cinematography Michele Brandstetter de Bellesini, Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Music Nicolás Jaar

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• Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Saturday, march 16, 2024, 03:00 p.m. — 04:45 p.m.


Giuseppe Petruzzellis

Giuseppe Petruzzellis

Giuseppe Petruzzellis (1983), BA and MA in Audiovisual Communication.
From 2004 to 2009 he worked as an investigative journalist for the Italian National Public Broadcasting Company RAI.
In 2007 he established APLYSIA, a production company specialised in creative documentaries. Since then he has collaborated on more than 70 film projects (19 features), working as screenwriter, producer, director, editor, cinematographer and colorist.
Most of the feature films he has edited participated to major film festivals (Venice – Giornate degli autori; CPH:DOX; Sheffield Doc Fest; Cinéma du Réel; etc.), were broadcasted on TV (RAI, Sky Arte) and have had theatre releases in Italy.
The short documentaries he has previously directed participated and were awarded at Ji.hlava IDFF; Milano Film Festival; MakeDox; Interfilm; Visioni dal Mondo; Hors Pistes — Centre Pompidou, etc.
La Ricerca” is his debut feature film, World Premiere and Special Youth Jury Award at Visions du Réel 2023, Special Mention Hera New Talents” at BIOGRAFILM 2023.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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Saturday, march 16, 2024, 03:00 p.m.

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