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The Art of Un-War
The words and scenes contained in this film may offend the sensibilities of some people. We prefer to warn you about it.

Available online on Sunday, March 27, 2022 from 7pm until midnight.

The Polish artist Krzysztof Wodiczko uses art, design, and technology to empower marginalized communities. This rare glimpse into his life and public showings highlights his lifelong research into monuments, war, and trauma. The evolution of Wodiczko’s political art is illustrated throughout the film, as we follow him from his first intervention in Warsaw in 1968 to his most recent piece aimed at transforming the Arc de Triomphe, a Parisian monument to war, into its antithesis: a temporary site for the abolition of war and for peace activism.
Director Maria Niro

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Maria Niro

Maria Niro

Maria Niro is a New York City-based filmmaker whose moving image work includes long-form documentaries and experimental shorts. Her latest film, The Art of Un-War, is a feature-length documentary chronicling the life and political work of the internationally acclaimed media artist Krzysztof Wodiczko. Niro’s films touch upon various social issues including war and trauma in The Art of Un-War (2021); voyeurism, surveillance and the camera in Station to Station (2020); political tension In an Alien Land (2018); war, technological innovation, and mass destruction in Glitch Telemetry (2011); collective consumption in Torso (2011), among others.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Selected films:
Station to Station (2021)
In An Alien Land (2018)
Sleeping Woman (2018)
The Real Bloom (2014)
Night Rain (2014)

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