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Carte blanche : Yu Shimizu - VIPO - Tokyo

Carte blanche : Yu Shimizu — VIPO — Tokyo

For this 40th edition, FIFA is honored to welcome the carte blanche of Yu Shimizu, a Tokyo-based art film curator.

The program contains 8 short films directed by 4 filmmakers in the field of art film and documentary. Shun Ikezoe, facing familiar subjects like his mothers, expresses them through poetic images. Oscillation was filmed on the eve of the demonstrations to protest against the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in Hong Kong in 2019. In What is it that you said?, Shun shares his own experiences with the viewer, in the form of personal memories refined into a movie that observes the world around and at once also inside himself. The early work of Kaori Oda, Thus A Noise Speaks, replicates the scene when the director came out about her sexuality to her family members and their reactions, which were played by themselves in front of the camera. This approach of dealing with the camera can be seen in her later activities too. Her latest film Night Train evokes dreams and distant places for the audience by overlapping images and sounds. Aya Kawazoe, whose work is characterized by crossing the borderline between dream and reality and the timeline, shows a new visual language with her delicate and bold images and sounds. In Humongous!, the characters’ childhood memories and experiences move back and forth between past and present. Eri Saito, who depicts the differences in perception and the ambiguity of existence through visual expression, reconstructed her video installation works as screening specification. home, sweet home explores the discrepancy between Eri’s childhood records and her actual memories. May all your wounds heal was created based on Eri’s experience of feeling the pain of another person’s body as if it were her own. In Shake: dreaming body, a world where dreams and reality are unclear, this work represents the act of trying to confirm things with the five senses. In Japanese society, the patriarchal systems are still very much in place. With these social conventions that are too big to confront by individuals, and difficulties in their lives, what do these budding artists in Japan try to capture and express and what is coming out from their works? I would be happy if you would find some sense of them in this program”. ‑Yu Shimizu

What Is It That You Said? — Shun Ikezoe. Japan. 2021. 20 min. Japanese, Chinese. English subtitles.
Thus A Noise Speaks — Kaori Oda. Japan. 2010. 38 min. Japanese. English subtitles.
home, sweet home — Eri Saito. Japan. 2013. 4 min. No dialogue.
Humongous! Aya Kawazoe. Japan. 2020. 11 min. Japanese. English subtitles.
Oscillation — Shun Ikezoe. Japan, Hong Kong. 2020. 3 min. No dialogue.
May All Your Wounds Heal Eri Saito. Japan. 2021. 5 min. No dialogue.
Shake: Dreaming Body — Eri Saito. Japan. 2018. 3 min. No dialogue.
Night Train Kaori Oda. Japan, Bosnia Herzegovina. 2021. 10 min. No dialogue.

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