L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
An immersion in a world of surprising symmetry through a marble quarry. In Somnivm, director Jonna Kina uses cinematic tools to explore conflicts between nature and culture. Stimulated by the relationship between anarchism and the marble industry and by the desire to work with 35 mm film, Kina researched the quarries of Carrara, Italy, during the winter of 2017 – 18. She digitally deleted almost all of the elements likely to indicate the contemporary site quarry industry: things such as vehicles, machinery, cables, and containers were erased from the scenes. This small act of fiction is revealing. Without these human elements, a sense of foreigness and timelessness develops, as if the quarry were an archaeological site in which only traces of human influence on the land remain in a post-human world.
Director Jonna Kina
Editing Jonna Kina
Sound Nicolas Becker, Maxence Dussere
Sound mixing Juan De Dios Magdaleno
Cinematographer Ville Piippo

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Jonna Kina

Jonna Kina

Arr. for a Scene (2017) ; Secret Words and Other Stories (2016)

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