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Le FIFA, guest of honor in France and Israel

Le FIFA, guest of honor in France and Israel

Image tirée du film Axiomata // Image from the film Axiomata


The EPOS Festival in Tel-Aviv pays tribute to the International Festival of Films on Art and invites it to participe in the programming of its 13th edition.

Le FIFA will present 3 films :

Comme une vague by Marie-Julie Dallaire

Habiter le mouvement by Béatriz Mediavilla

Lemebel by Joanna Reposi Garibaldi
Prize for Best Portrait, FIFA 2020

FIFA is also proud to announce that its director of programming Jacinthe Brisebois will be a member of the jury for this 13th edition.

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As part of the Best of Quebec event organised by Dan.Cin.Fest in Saint-Étienne, Le FIFA is proud to present 6 short films on dance:

Navigation by Marlene Millar

Clochettes de l’espoir by Taylor Crowspreadshiswings

Enracinée by Annie Leclair, available on ARTS.FILM on May 272022

L’étreinte des Valkyries by Alan Lake

Sneak Up by Raymond Caplin

Axiomata by Beatriz Mediavilla

In addition, our year-round programmer Olivier Du Ruisseau will be a member of the short film jury for the competition of this festival dedicated to dance films dealing with social issues. 

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