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Inspiring Women

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Inspiring Women

Architects of Impacts

The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) recognizes the crucial importance of supporting women and non-binary people in the arts and culture industry. Our commitment to women’s development transcends the simple act of broadcasting; it forges a space for reflection, action and inspiration.

Our mission

Through our Inspiring Women initiative, we aim to strengthen the success of professionals in our industry, by addressing issues related to leadership, gender equality and inclusion. This innovative and inclusive project advances our community, while responding to a pressing need for equality in the arts and culture.

With the support of

Our actions


Each year, during our festival in March, we dedicate a special section to films made by women and non-binary people, highlighting their essential contribution to the diversity of perspectives in the art world.

Meetings and workshops

We organize workshops, conferences and meetings that facilitate the sharing of experiences, the enhancement of skills and professional development. They also provide valuable networking and mentoring opportunities.

Support and visibility

We spotlight filmmakers, artists and industry professionals not only during the Festival, but year-round via our ARTS.FILM art film platform, raising their profile and positively influencing their careers.

Join us

We invite all arts and culture enthusiasts to join us in supporting this vital movement. Together, we can transform our industry and our society into places where equality, respect and innovation are at the forefront.