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L E   F I F A
Floating Memories

Floating Memories

Se-Young Ok

South Korea | 2021 | 4 min
Available on ARTS.FILM from October 13, 2023

Transparent images overlap each other, appearing and disappearing to the music.
Overview of some festivals:
Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Canada (2022)
Sydney Film Festival, Australia (2022)
Busan International Short Film Festival,South Korea (2022)
Monstra, Portugal (2022)
Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation, Czech Republic (2022)
Director Se-Young Ok
Music Septahelix


Se-Young Ok

Se-Young Ok

OK Se-young studied Fine Arts and Animation at the Korea National University of Arts. Based on animation techniques, she is interested in expanding the methodology of showing media between screening and exhibition using various media such as drawing, photography, installation, and video.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
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Pop-up Research (2017)
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