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ARTS.FILM Education

Image from the film La vie en kit by Elodie Degavre

ARTS.FILM Education

A Unique Educational Tool

ARTS.FILM aims to become a major partner for universities across the province and the country.

Documentaries, fictions, biographical films, art films and videos, artistic and musical performances — ARTS.FILM offers online access to these teaching resources for more than twenty disciplines: cinema, dance, visual arts, poetry, architecture, animation, photography, art history, performance, music, and more.

By building strong ties with the academic community, we aim to solidify a heartfelt and intellectual connection with teachers and students by offering them privileged access to the only art film platform in the country.

A Rich and World-Open Catalog

• Over 600 films
• Personalized monthly newsletter for the educational community
• Preferential institutional rate
• Consultation and collaboration offer for platform programming
• Numerous curated collections
• More than twenty artistic disciplines
35% Quebec films
• About 40% Canadian films

A Fair Remuneration Model

Our rights holder remuneration model, based on a 50/50” model, is unique and fair, reflecting our commitment to the arts community. Thus, a significant portion of the revenue is redistributed directly to the community, supporting the artists and creators involved.

Accessible and Adaptable Resources

Relying on suitable technology, the ARTS.FILM platform promotes consultation, recommendations, and integration, ensuring that the specific needs of institutions and teaching staff are fully met.